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Paper Jams

Welcome to my Cartridge Warehouse Blog. I'm repeating this blog because of customer requests but I have added a new item. "CHOOSING BETWEEN A LASER AND INKJET PRINTER" Video I found. Great info if you are in need of updating your printer technology.


Paper Jams

We all know what happens when we start a large important printing job and one of two things always happens. Either your printer cartridge runs out of toner or ink or you get a paper jam. OK I can solve the first problem with a little thing called "Plan ahead". Always have a back up cartridge before starting any large print job. Now to hopefully get you through a bad paper jam. I'm not talking about a little tweak in the paper and for some reason it won't smoothly flow through the shoot. I'm taking about a behemoth paper jam that looks like a war zone in the printer. You don't just have one or two pieces of paper it looks like half the ream has some how worked its way two thirds up the paper shoot. What do you do? Here is a few steps you can take so that hopefully you can continue your print job.

1. Turn off your printer.

2. VERY IMPORTANT! DO NOT PULL THE PAPER OUT THE FRONT OF THE PRINTER. There is a very small "Sensor" located where the paper flows through and if you pull the paper out the front of the printer it can easily break. After that no more printing. You will continually get an error message.

3. Be sure you do not use a letter opener, pen or pencil to try to jimmy the paper out. Very Big expensive repair if you rip, puncture or tear the fuser.

4. Most ink printers have a back panel door that can be removed. Gently remove it and look for the paper jam. Carefully remove any paper that has been stuck. Carefully remove it by pulling it out one piece at a time towards you following the paper's original path. Never pull the paper the opposite direction it was traveling. In most cases this will avoid the sensor. If it is a Laser Printer open the top or front where the cartridges are and remove the cartridges. You will hopefully see the paper and remove carefully out in the same direction you take out the toner cartridges.

5. After you have removed the paper successfully replace the back panel or Toner Cartridges and close the door. Now you can turn back on your printer. Hopefully the paper jam light will not come on and you can return to printing. If the light does return give us a call. That usually means there is a small piece of paper still stuck that you can not see without removing more of the printer parts. Leave that to the professionals. I've included a video from YouTube which might help. Good Luck!

Cindy Zarember


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