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Does the Federal Government Really Help Women with Business start ups or expansions?

Something to think about

Many Women I know who own their own businesses are somewhat wonky on this idea. Why you ask? I know with my own experience any help I applied for was resoundingly rejected. Many other women entrepreneurs have had similar experiences. At the time I asked myself why was my application for a SBA loan rejected. Was I not in business long enough (I applied 7 years ago)? Did I not have enough assets? Did my business not have enough gross income? Did I not have enough Business Credit? To tell you the truth I can't answer these questions. I have come to the conclusion that getting a Business Loan for a Woman owned business can have many challenges. I found an article talking about just this subject and found it quite interesting. Take a look...

The Author: Rieva Lesonsky is a small business contributor for Fundera and CEO of GrowBiz Media, a media company. She has spent 30+ years covering, consulting and speaking to small businesses owners and entrepreneurs.

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